Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I keep having all these topics I want to post about and I haven't had time to do it because we were taken off-line at school. Apparently there's some sort of upgrade or something going on in the district as a whole and they have to replace all the wiring. So, instead of waiting the three weeks until summer when it wouldn't disturb anyone, the district - in their infinite wisdom - decided to do it now. Even better is how it's happening in my school. The people doing the rewiring came to my class and cut all the wires, then decided they didn't really want to do that building, they wanted to do the other building. So they went to the other building and are rewiring it, leaving most classrooms off-line for only a couple of days. We've been off-line for almost three weeks, with those cut wires just hanging out of the wall, taunting me.

There may have been more method to the madness, but I don't happen to know of it. The real problem is that a research project we were doing has to be scrapped now because we don't have a staffed library so all the research was on the Internet...

We let our butterflies go - this was the best picture I had of them. The kids were very sad to let them go. Some of them made little butterfly books that I'll take pictures of. Yes, I know I just ended a sentence with a preposition.

Good news: our assistant principal (who is really good) is staying next year!

Countdown: 15 days of instruction left. The fatigue is setting in. Two more field trips before school ends, which should be fun, but exhausting.

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