Thursday, May 04, 2006


-One of the kindergartners was playing with his little toys, and the teacher kept telling him to put them away because he would lose them. Sure enough, the kid starts crying and says, "Ms. S - I lost my marbles!" The teacher said, "I know, honey, me too."

-The same teacher had a bunch of teacher rubber stamps that said things like, "Good Job!" "Parent Signature Required" and things like that. Her kindergartners went on her desk when she wasn't looking and stamped themselves all over. Only they picked the stamp that said, "Please correct and return to school." A bunch of them went home with "Please correct and return to school" stamped all over them. Wonder if their parents got the message...

-Another kindergarten teacher - who was eight months pregnant - got asked by a kid if she was pregnant. When she answered in the affirmative, he looked scandalized and said, "I know what YOU did!!!"

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