Thursday, July 06, 2017


One of the greatest things that can happen to a teacher is to see their student succeed, in any way, no matter how old they are. So you can imagine how excited I was when I was invited to Stephanie's college graduation party! She graduated from Howard University with a double major in biology and sports medicine, and while I couldn't go to DC to see it, I wasn't going to miss her California party for the world.

Stephanie has always been incredibly special: hard-working, strong family ties, and a confident attitude that has ensured her success even when many of the odds were against her. Being a black woman from East Oakland has meant plenty of obstacles, but I have never seen her fail at something she's tried. I've seen her realistically adjust her goals as needed and reach out for help as needed, strengths that many of us older people don't have and are impressive at 22.

Stephanie is now doing a joint masters of public health and teaching program and has jumped into teaching science to middle school students, a daunting task to be sure. But if anyone can do it, she can.

It was also amazing to see her family support. Stephanie's dad was a wonderful person who loved her more than life itself and sadly passed away a few years back but is not by any means forgotten. There was even a "Howard Dad" sash in his honor. Her mom, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, and more were at her party, and I didn't realize until later that I was the only white person there (I think) because everyone was so incredibly welcoming as we all shared Stephanie stories.

I also got to see another student who hasn't finished college yet but is back on track to do so. Sean talked to me about his personal growth, what he learned from beginning college, leaving, and going back to higher education. He shared about how he used to treat his teachers (I knew some of it firsthand, but he was more respectful to me than most of his teachers) and how he wants to reach kids who were similar to him. 

My heart was full for a week. I am so proud of these "kids," now adults. I can't wait to see what they'll do.