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President Obama

I will start by saying that I don't think that Barack Obama is a savior. I don't think he will solve everything in his first week, year, or term. (Or even two.) I disagree with him on some things, although I agree with him on more. I am sure I will be disappointed by him, as he is, after all, a politician, and a human being. I think I will be excited about what he does, and I'm definitely excited that the cowboy (I still can't believe we elected him TWICE) is back in Texas. I love that he sounds like someone who has seriously thought through the issues and formed an educated opinion, and I hope that is true.


Aside from all of this, the historical significance really cannot be overstated. I know that people have been saying that it is overstated and that there's too much hype, etc. Frankly, I think that these people who are saying these things have never had to experience racism and do not understand how incredible this is.

I'm going to plagiarize from…