Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Like any good Mexican (en mi corazon), I celebrated yesterday, on Dec 24.  But in honor of the season, here are some of my favorite Christmas posts:

The boys that I dearly love and have lost touch with but think about and pray for very very often:

Having a beautiful Christmas moment in inner-city Oakland

("This kid - who has left me voice mails cursing me out more than once, who has hung up on me, who has told me to get out of his life, who has been arrested probably more times than I know about, who stole his mom's car and went drunk driving - texted me and said "Thank you for the gifts."  That thank you - which definitely didn't come because his mom told him to - meant more to me than any thank you note I've ever gotten.")

Showing me that they're not completely hardened.

The orphanage that is my second home

Christmas in Reynosa, Mexico

The Nutcracker with 9-year olds.  Always interesting:

Field trip escapades

"Why aren't they wearing pants?"