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Inauguration Poem

 Julia, one of my middle school students, wrote this for Biden's inauguration and said I could share. Amanda Gorman (pictured) was her inspiration.  (Poem shared with permission)   I was watching the inauguration on two screens the one on my TV screen and the one on my school screen that's how popular it was. It felt like someone put stuff Trump said/did in one book then someone ripped those pages out and put the good stuff Biden has done so far It felt like a new door was opening to a great new era now there will be a first Black woman vice president The outfits and coats that people were wearing were so beautiful I really liked Dr. Jill Biden's coat It had all the 50 states on it. Natalie Biden's coat was custom made. On Biden's first day, he didn't waste time It was as if he had to bring the whole country out of the cold So they could get warmer faster by Julia R.