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Grace for the Parents

OK, let's be honest. Distance learning during a pandemic is not fun. None of us were prepared for this: not the schools, not the teachers, not the students, and definitely not the parents. Over the last few weeks (feels like years!), I have seen many parents say that they're failing, and I want to ask them this: Are your kids alive? Do you love them? Then you haven't failed. I don't care if you've gotten dressed, if they've been on screens all day, or if they've eaten ice cream for every meal. You are trying to deal with your regular routine/work PLUS HOMESCHOOLING YOUR CHILDREN plus money worries plus isolation. Almost none of you were trained to teach, you didn't decide to homeschool, and many of you are having to do it WHILE working full time. This is impossible. And you are doing the impossible. As for academic achievement?  DO NOT WORRY ABOUT IT. You can catch them up later. I'll help you if you need it. Right now, just survi