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The Best Compliment

I started tutoring two sisters a few weeks ago in Spanish.  They're both very intelligent in different ways and they're both having trouble in different ways.  I'm really enjoying both of them and, as always, kids can tell when you really enjoy talking to them and being with them.  Kids know when you're faking it so it's best to be sincere. I was working with the younger child when she ran to show me something.  As she went out of the room, the mother's partner said to me, "This is the first time I have ever seen her be herself in an educational setting.  She is finally completely herself while she's learning." I didn't and couldn't have prepared to do that.  Honestly, I think that is why I love teaching - it's not the teaching - it's the getting to know the child as an individual, valuing her for her own unique traits, and being privileged to see how that gives the child an opportunity to shine.