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Update and Help Desperately Needed

The witness family has been promised some, but not enough money from the DA's office. If anyone is reacting with "Why are my tax dollars paying for this?" or "Why does the DA's office have responsibility to do this?" (which I hope they are not,) keep in mind that the reason they are in danger is because of the brilliant brilliant police of this fair city, which are fully living up (or down) to their reputation. The reasons the kids are in danger are: 1. The police didn't do anything when the kids' mom called six months ago because one of the suspects in Joshua's killing was threatening her son with a gun. They came to the house and told her "If no one is dead, we can't do anything." Interesting. Now someone is dead. Really? We had to wait for that? 2. After the shooting, the police took the witnesses down the street and had them point out the house where the suspects lived. The whole family (of the suspects) saw exactly w

Not the Post I Wanted to Write

I was going to write a very different post. I was going to write about a fun outing from last weekend. On Sunday, May 17, a friend and I took some kids to the Greek Festival in Oakland. These are the kids we spend time with; brothers from the school I used to work at. I'm calling them " Jorge " and "Luis." Jorge (the older who was doing so well in school recently - got his grades up from a 0.0 to a 2.25, which is no small feat in two months) came last year and ate everything in sight. The food is really really good at the Greek Festival. Sadly, Jorge couldn't come because his dad got arrested and he had to go see him. Have I mentioned that this kid has been trying to take care of his whole family as long as I've known him? But Luis could come and asked us to bring his friend Joshua. We brought Joshua, who ate everything in sight (Luis was being a picky eater) and chatted the whole time. I remembered Joshua (an 8th grader) from when he went to our schoo