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Honor Roll!

I had a chance last week to go to an awards ceremony for some of my former students. I was invited by one girl in particular - the one who I periodically help raise money for various leadership trips - and I was thrilled to be able to go. This girl is my success story, although I can take very little credit for her success. I've talked before about her dad, who is a professional boxer. Since I first met her when she was in first grade, this girl has excelled in school, worked hard, and kept a great attitude. It is no surprise that she still has a 4.0, but it's still exciting! The surprising part was some of the other kids who made the honor roll. It is a 6th-9th grade school - eventually going to be a 6th through 12th grade, but they're growing it one grade at a time. I saw several old students - at least one in each grade - who had a 4.0. One of them was a HUGE surprise - she was severely traumatized by her dad's death* in first grade and had a lot of learning