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What's In a Name?

Many elementary school teachers have a jar or cup of popsicle sticks, with one student's name written on each stick.  This enables you to eliminate all bias in calling on kids, or just not have to think as much. Instead of calling on the kid who always has her hand up or who sits in the front, you pick the name and there you go.  It's a common practice and I thought nothing of it when I started at this new school. Then one of the teachers asked me if I had "equity sticks" in my classroom.  Equity sticks?  Really?  I didn't know what she meant at first but it soon became obvious.  Actually, they're just popsicle sticks.  Maybe name sticks.  Craft sticks.  Wooden sticks. I can't say equity sticks without sounding ridiculous.  Actually, I don't think anyone can call popsicle sticks "equity sticks" without sounding ridiculously pompous.

More Journals

Oh, please read them all.  They are fantastic. The best April fools day thing I can think of is im going to call my mom after school and tell her i got arested.  I think She might have a heart attack.  Thats my fools and all I got. If my parents came to school with me I would be so embarrased.  Because they might say to run faster in P.E. and in history say Oooo Ooo pick Carl.  And for lunch they will say get fruit and something to drink and that would be really embarrasing.  At science It would be like torture because they would always ask questions.  At math I would hate because my parents would make me pay attention to the math teaacher.  I would be having bad dreams for the rest of my life.  But if I had to go to school with my parents when they were little kids that would be a hole diffrent story. If my parents came to school everyday it wouldn't be good.  I would probably be more good, and be a better student.  I would be a better student because my parents wo