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Bits and Pieces Again

I have been busy. Extremely busy. Partly having to do with a former student of mind who is now in middle school, alternately flunking out and getting kicked out. When I have more energy, I'll write about him. When I'm not so worried about him, maybe. In the meantime, here are some interesting educational articles. Schools in California may just completely run out of money and end early this year . Nice to see we're valuing education. Mae Jemison talks about why science is important for everyone . Almost a disaster . Skyline High School's neighbors seem to be justified in complaining ab out the noise from the school's PA system . On the other hand, they're not allowing the school to use its track and field lights for football or track practice, making the athletes practice in the dark. One hurdler broke his leg because of this . I found this photo in a box - it shows a couple of things quite well. One is the lack of diversity in the town I grew up i