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Bring on the Hot Weather!!

This is the neighborhood I used to work in. (note that this photo does not show the trash, prostitutes, police crime scenes, or drug dealers) Last year when it got this hot, I would have trouble sleeping, knowing that the next day would be torturous in the greenhouse-inspired classroom with 20 sweaty little bodies and no fans or A/C... trying to get kids to care about math when they're too hot to move! This year, I can go do my work in my favorite cafe's garden. Quietly. With no one coming in to tell me in front of the whole class that I'm doing everything wrong and that my job will probably be in jeopardy. (Fear seems to be a favorite motivational tactic in education). I can take a lunch that is longer than 20 minutes, I can listen to music, I can work while hanging out with my doggie... I miss the kids, but seriously... it's hard to even think about deciding to go back when this is where I can work now... The cat is in the outside portion of the cafe and is

Art Gallery

I'll be in Yosemite until Sunday, so I leave you with some beautiful pictures that a friend's class (I was subbing for her) drew for the gecko. Of the gecko and for the gecko. He gets fan mail. Enjoy.