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A Kid's Argument for Pets in Class

Pets in classes   By Symphony R, age 10 I believe that there should be pets in classes. Not class pets. Let me explain. I think kids should bring their pets into class, as long as they behave, so you could see a new one each day.   You’re probably thinking, “ What about allergies? This sounds like a bad idea.” Well, I have a solution for that. You could have everyone in the class write down their allergies, so you can’t bring that pet. I read something that said watching fish is calming, and petting a cat lowers your heart rate, and I would be sad and lonely if I was away from my cats ( Also, my friend’s cat just died :(. ) . Being with pets makes you calmer! Something teachers would likely support is that when an animal came, you could study its behavior. Or do a report on it!  In conclusion, I believe bringing pets to school is a good idea, if they behave well. 

Fun Writing Prompts!

I know many, many parents struggling with distance learning, also known as the worst type of homeschooling ever. I wanted to make something for them, for when they just do NOT have time. Here are a list of story starters and writing prompts that you can adapt. If they're typing, just give them a word count: "Pick a topic and write at least X words on it." If you or they aren't feeling decisive, just have them pick a number without looking, and that's the one they write on. If you or your kids have further ideas, please comment! I'll add ideas. 1. I woke up and my dirty sock started talking to me. 2. I didn't mean to do it! 3. I never would have believed it could happen, but it did. 4. They said it was haunted but I didn't believe them until... 5. The island was totally deserted. 6. I started getting used to the pirate life after a month. 7. I opened the door and... 8. My parents wouldn't let me use screens today so this is what I did in

Guest Blog by Symphony (My Niece)

                                                                                  Distance Learning                          By Symphony, age 10 Distance learning has flaws, but it’s kind of the best we can do right now. I’m in fourth grade, and I go to a French school. My class only has three and a half hours of school each week, and this is a problem . I’m not saying I’m a superfan of school, which I’m not, but because my teachers don’t have enough class time, they give insane amounts of homework. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but just yesterday I had to do 6 or 7 things for school. (Some things I did procrastinate, but still.) It took over an hour.  I’m okay with the balance between class time and homework, but it’s still sort of a problem. I understand the teachers’ job is to educate us kids, but they don’t get the time to do so, so they give us a whole bunch of homework instead! Just this week, I probably did over ten things for homework!