Saturday, May 07, 2011

Make Sense

OK, for the second of my comprehensive two-part program to improve the district I used to work in, I propose that we all try to Make Sense.  If you think that is an obvious point, you clearly have not worked in this district.

1. The person in charge of subbing shouldn't sign people up for jobs and then not tell them about it, making it impossible for them to show up.
2. More than one person in the district should know how to reset the clocks.
3. The district should not require time travel in order to get all professional development days completed.
4. If you want kids to do projects using the Internet, you have to provide computers and Internet access.
5. It rains sometimes.  We need a plan.
6. Assessing children on math concepts that haven't been taught yet makes no sense.  And is incredibly frustrating.
7. If you build a playground and then don't let the kids play on it, they get sad.  And parents get angry.
8. Why would you spend a ton of money to open small schools  all over the district just to close them again?
9. It's not that hard to get names of schools right on signs.
10. More time travel required.

I welcome any other suggestions on either this or the Be Nicer post.   Again, this is not universal - there are very nice people who make sense.  However, there are enough people who are not nice and make no sense that make a lot of us crazy.  And then we have to leave to get un-crazy.

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