Monday, May 07, 2007

National Day of the Teacher

Tomorrow, May 8, is National Day of the Teacher. It is always the Tuesday in the first full week of May. The first full week of May (I believe) is Teacher Appreciation Day.


One year we got a crookedly copied certificate without our names on it. Another (maybe last year), we got a memo from the Superintendent saying that the administration should appreciate us and that he had written us all a letter appreciating it. We didn't get the letter of appreciation, just the memo saying that it existed.

Tomorrow we get to give standardized tests to kids who already think they're stupid. Oh, and we get a staff meeting. That's appreciation, all right!

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justducky said...

we're really lucky, working in an upper middle class area, we actually get a luncheon from the appreciative PTA...because we have a PTA because we have parents who have time and money.

It'd be nice if someone had a PTA at Lockwood, the parents would like it I bet, and they are the only ones appreciateive besides the kids.

And you KNOW the kids appreciate you.