Friday, February 25, 2011


I'd love to get some feedback on this one.  I always gave homework.  Every day.  Often it was very very short, but I gave it every day - including weekends - because the kids I worked with had few opportunities to build responsibility and I wanted them to know that they were responsible for something every day.  Also, they really really needed the practice.

I was aware that many of them had chaotic home lives though, and that things came up or they had to help at home.  I told them and their guardians that if they called me or wrote a note - or just had their guardian sign the homework - they wouldn't be penalized for not doing it.  (In third grade, penalized means sitting on the bench for five minutes, but that's a big deal).

Now that I'm working most days with an 8th grader, I am a little surprised at the amount of homework he gets but he really needs the practice.

Parents and teachers, what do you think about homework?  For it?  Against it?  In what amounts?

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