Friday, February 18, 2011

Missing Solomon

I'm not the only one who misses Solomon.

These kids, who I miss very much, saw a friend murdered a couple of years ago.  I've worried about them a lot, especially the older one, who protects the younger one to some extent.  He has had a lot of problems before and since the murder, and often seems very hardened.  I have been worried about him for a long time and haven't heard from him lately.

These two boys were very close to Solomon, my late puppy.  I told them that he passed away and didn't hear back.  I waited a few months, sent them Christmas cards, and didn't hear back.  I texted them a photo of the new puppy this week and finally heard back.

The younger one said "Is that a pitt she is cute."

The older one asked what I did with Solomon when he died.  the text "conversation" went like this:

Him: What did you do to puppy when he died:

Me: I had him cremated.  You know what that is?

Him: Yea when they burn you and put you in a box

Me: Yeah.  So I can keep the box, bury it, or scatter his ashes.  I haven't decided yet because I still miss him too much.

Him: I think you should keep it.  I miss puppy to.

Him: I bet you feel wierd not seeing puppy there huh

Me: I do feel weird.  I miss him.

Him: Me too. Puppy was a happy nice dog.

Me: He really was.

Him: Do you think puppy is in heaven with God?

Me: God created him and I think that Puppy showed God's love to everyone.

Him: Maybe that's why puppy was so happy all the time.  Can you please send me a picture of puppy?  I miss him.

A kid who was too hardened wouldn't care about Solomon and if Solomon was in heaven.  It would be hard to blame a teenager who had seen a friend murdered - along with many other tragedies in his life - for not being touched by a dog who was "happy and nice" - but he was.

I think that makes it harder to be Jorge, but I also think that means that there's hope for him.

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