Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I am volunteering - only one hour a week - at my old school.  My Little Sister goes to school there and I still know a couple of teachers at the school.  Which is actually two schools now.  Part of it feels so familiar that I actually had to stop myself from grabbing the papers out of what used to be my mailbox.   The one of the small schools that I visited, however, was much, much calmer.  I don't know what happened (or if it feels calmer to the teachers) but it has a very different feel.  I don't think the area is any less violent but a few things have changed:

1. The kids all wear uniforms, and it appears to be enforced
2. The administrators seem to be there for longer than a year at a time
3. The schools are smaller

Seems to make a difference... or maybe it's because I'm an outsider now, I'm not sure.

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