Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh, another example

I can't believe I almost forgot the best guilt-inducing story!

Well, first there's my personal one about being very very sick.

Then there was a coworker of mine. Really good teacher and experienced. She cared about her kids. When she'd have to take time off (which was rare) she was very well-prepared and made sure the kids had the best possible experience.

Her mother-in-law, with whom she was extremely close, was horribly burned in a house fire. The teacher flew back East to be with her, which was the right thing to do, especially as the burns turned out to be fatal. A pretty horrible way to die, and she lingered for a few days in massive pain. The teacher called the principal and explained the situation and how important it was that she be there for her funeral, and how upset she was. The principal assured her that nothing was more important than family and that she take all the time she need. He/she (don't want identifying factors! I've only had 8 principals, you might figure it out) was very sweet.

Two weeks later, the teacher got back. The principal came to observe her less than an hour after she got back in the classroom. Now, you teachers are already appalled. Right? A formal observation less than an hour after coming back from not only a personal tragedy but two weeks of the kids having a sub? Everyone knows you have to have at least a day to get the kids back to being used to you and get over being mad for you leaving. She asked him if she could reschedule and he said something about well, if she hadn't been out for so long... Compassion over.

I'm so glad I've visited some other schools and heard about good things so far this year. Schools like this make me not quite lose all my hope in this district.

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