Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The IM that Made Me Cry

I've been wishing I could help "Chantal" more but I just don't have the money to help her with school (she didn't ask - she would never ask - but I wish I could do it) and I don't have any connections to people willing to hire a 19-year old. 

She texts/IMs me sometimes asking if I know anyone who's hiring, but more often just saying that this is hard.  It's hard for her to be in her family, to have worked hard and graduated against all odds and not be able to find work or pay for classes.  I imagine it's incredibly difficult to know that there are kids who don't care at all about education and are in college to party but are getting it financed by their parents.  So, a lot of our chatting is just kind of a time for her to vent - I am not sure she has anyone else to talk to in this way.

The part that made me cry: (before you judge her writing, remember that ALL teenagers write like this on chat/IM/text)

 yeah but im glad that i still have you its like if ur ma teacher again. after 10years your still willing to help me

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Los Angelista said...

Oh that's heartbreaking. College should be free for the Chantal's of the world.