Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Political Thoughts

1. I'd like to save constitutional amendments - whether state or Federal - for things that really really need to be amended. Not for laws that people have attempted to pass and failed. I'm tired of voting on this issue.

2. The dumb local Alameda robocalls should be made earlier - I already voted, people!

3. If Christians followed what was in the Bible, we would not be spending time arguing about abortion or homosexual marriage UNTIL we had established justice in the world, fed the hungry, helped the widows and the brokenhearted. The Bible says to love our neighbor, to bring justice to the oppressed, to feed the hungry, and a lot of other things that we are not doing. When I hear people talk about how government shouldn't provide welfare and social programs, but instead, it should be faith-based institutions, I want to shake those faith-based institutions. Let's STEP UP and help already so the government doesn't have to!!

4. I actually LIKED John McCain until he got weird and grumpy and spent all his time defending Sarah Palin. I used to like him. All of a sudden, he's seemed to switch his opinion on many of the hot-button issues, which makes me wonder what will happen if he's president. Also, he's gotten a lot less "straight talk mavericky" and a lot more grumpy old man lately. If he were one of my third graders, I'd call him Mr. Cranky Pants.

5. I don't like Sarah Palin. At all. I'm sure God loves her, but I am not God and she doesn't think I am part of Real America.

6. Fox News Sucks. This is old news but when they ran their little thing saying "Outraged Liberals: Stop picking on Obama's Baby Mama" thing while someone was talking a few months ago, they totally lost me. Do white people have any idea how offensive that is? Can you imagine if John McCain said something about laying off of Cindy and someone referred to Cindy McCain as "McCain's Baby Mama??" I can't imagine that it was meant for any purpose other than trying to make Obama seem scary and ghetto and too black to be president.

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