Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Some educational, some not.

First, the happiest:

A message I got on my phone: "Ms. H--, this is "James," I just wanted to let you know that I got a 3.0 on my first report card of middle school."

Yay! Kid had problems reading but worked really really hard. And so did his parents.


Second, the most confusing, at some sort of town hall meeting.

McCain supporter: "I don't trust Barack Obama because he's an Arab."

McCain: "No, ma'am. He's a decent family man."

Wait a minute... the opposite of Arab is decent family man? What? Anyone else confused by this? Please tell me there's something I missed here.


Third, shameless self-promotion. I sold a rat scarf on and someone told me that I should sell them on my blog. I can't really do that but I can post pictures and you can tell me if you're interested in buying a rat scarf, a sheep scarf, a dragon scarf, or any number of other fun knitted items. The rat scarves come in any color and have red or black little beady rat eyes.


Jessamyn Harris said...

I thought it was (crazy but) great that that one woman both illustrated how loony and just generally angry mccain's supporters are, and forced mccain to talk about how awesome barack obama is. the world's a strange place...
true it was weird that he didn't just say something like, "no, he's not arab, he's african american, his father was from kenya, his mother from america..."

the race card!

I'm glad your scarf sold, it's cute. I bet you could sell more - if you come visit me at our new house soon, I'll take some pix.

justducky said...

I wanna rat scarf. I love the long tail at the end!