Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Questions about Subbing

So, I'm doing the paperwork to be a sub in the little island-ish town (OK, little for the Bay Area) that I live in and I have some questions:

1. If I needed to go to college and graduate in order to get into the credential program and needed to graduate from the credential program to get my credential, why on earth do I have to submit official transcripts as well as the credential? Shouldn't the credential be enough?

2. Fingerprinting is all online now. Shouldn't they just be able to save my fingerprints and be done with it forever? I've been fingerprinted more than most convicted felons.

3. Why on earth would they put the HR department in the place where the directions have to be:

"Go into the district office, walk through the adult school, turn right, go down the stairs, go out the door, then turn right and when you don't think you have anywhere else to go, there's the HR office in the corner by the fence."?

4. What do they do if you actually have TB when you take the test? And why is that the only disease tested for in any district ever?

5. Why is everyone at this district office nice and happy and smiley and at my old district, they were so.... not?

6. Why did I not start out in this district?

It was fun to see the change in demeanor from "Do you have a sub permit?" to "Oh, you're a credentialed teacher who wants to sub!?!" Guess I won't have to worry about getting jobs.

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Heather said...

1. Ditto.
2. Double ditto.
3. Hilarious! And I thought it was bad in my district. In order to go on a leave of absence, have to walk around the main building and enter the moldy portable for beyond. I think it's older than me.
4. Hmm, what else should they test for?
5. Come on, you know the answer to that one!
6. Because you probably weren't able to get a job as a newbie there.
7. I say ask for the 30+ day jobs, for all the people on a leave of absence, especially if this district pays a higher per diem rate for this.