Friday, July 20, 2007

Meet a Child: "Kobe"

This is a kid who moved away mid-year because his mom was terrified of all the violence - especially after someone came and threatened his teenage brother.

Writing about himself:

My name is Kobe. I am 8 years old and my birthday was born in 1998. My eye is dark brown and my hair is black and I like to play footbal. I like to play with my best friend. I am very talkative and honest. I am very cook and I am very nice. I make friends. I like school. Sometimes I get to change my card to Green that mean I am in trouble. Sometimes I stay on Blue. I got friends and we went to the coliseum the A's won the other day the other day the raider lost. I like school. I have a nice teacher.

On imagining he was in a scene from a book where the kids walked past a barbecue and a church:
I imagine I went to church and when it was over we had BBQ burgers. Our preacher was light skined with black hair. It was fun at the end and "We love God, and love you Jesus." In there it smell like strawberries. My cousin my aunties and my brothers and sisters, my mom, brothers and sisters.

He is talkative and nice and honest. And I miss him!

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finally got it, facebook would still be a great idea! PS