Sunday, July 29, 2007

Back To School Specials

Every year, around the end of July/beginning of August, the back to school sales and specials start. And every year around this time I think, "Oh no! I only have X more weeks/days/hours until school starts!" And I start dreading it.

I keep forgetting this year not to dread it.

It's not that I disliked the children - it's the same feeling that kids have when they go back to school and they have to start getting up early again and stop lounging around and being lazy. Teachers get that too. Only this year, I haven't been lounging around and being lazy and I don't have to dread school starting. It's very strange.

I can't quite get it through my head. I keep thinking that I need to go visit people before school starts because I won't be able to during the school year. Actually, this year I can! Or I'll hear an ad on the radio for a back to school sale and start planning where I'm going to buy a class set of crayon boxes and rulers (September is definitely the most expensive month for teachers as you try to stock your classroom - and for new teachers it's doubly difficult, as they don't get paid until September 30!) and then I remember... this year, I don't have to.

It's bittersweet, because while I don't have to spend $600 of my own money for school supplies, I also don't get to write 20 names on everything while thinking about what these kids will be like. I don't get to send them little notes in the mail saying that I'll be their teacher, and Tiger will be their class gecko. There's a very special bond I have had with my students and I think I'll miss that very very much.

But the before school staff meetings/shopping/getting my room ready? That I WILL NOT miss. Not one bit.

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