Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Future

I am starting to realize (with three weeks of school left) that I'm not quite sure how I'm going to earn a living next year.

I've got some wiseGEEK work, and hopefully that will continue and grow. But there's no guarantee of either.

I can sub at my school and other schools where I know the kids, but that is provided my district doesn't mess things up with the paperwork - it could take a while to figure out and they won't let me start the process until August.

I can tutor but I have to build up clientele so I have no idea how often/how much I can make from that.

Lindsay thinks I can teach knitting - I'm not entirely sure I'm good enough for that.

I can teach Spanish but so can a whole lot of native speakers.

I now have editing skills, but again, no clientele.

I still haven't figured out a way to get paid for blogging.

And I will have to pay for health insurance and save my own money for taxes.

I have until September to figure all this out because (thank God!) I did the deferred payment plan so I still get paid in July and August. However, that's not that far away!

Scary, scary.


jessamynit said...

hmm, if it comes down to it, you can always move back home!


seriously, though, just try it for a bit and know you can get some fast typing job in a pinch. temp work, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bronwyn,
Did you get my email? I just wanted to be sure because I didn't want you to think I headed for the hills never to be heard from again after visiting your class. I had great day there and loved your kids. Thanks for allowing me to come visit during such a stressful time for you.
I'm going thru just what you're going thru now. Back in Feb. when I made the decision to go back to teaching I figured I could get a job anywhere I wanted. Now I'm not so sure. Now I'm scared I may not get a job come Fall.
I think I can relate to what you're going thru, just in the opposite direction.
Take care,