Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Photos

Yes, the photos below are of the gecko eating his peeling skin. He doesn't have problems; all leopard geckos eat the skin that they shed, both because it has nutrients and as a way to hide evidence of their existence from predators. He pulls it off with his little teeny tiny teeth and eats it.

The other random photos of reptiles scattered around amongst the posts are from a program, in which Owen of the East Bay Vivarium came and showed the kids a bunch of reptiles, and a few centipedes, millipedes, tarantulas, and amphibians. It was pretty awesome.


jessamynit said...

I have a crush on the blue amphibian! he's so cute.

I want to visit your class before school is out, let's plan it.

justducky said...

Reptiles eating them~selves' skin is gross!

but, I wanna come, too.