Thursday, January 25, 2007

Infirmary Ward

My whole class seems to be sick - which is strange, because they were all at school for once. I had seven or eight who were sneezing with running noses, three or four who threw up, and two who just felt bad all around and fell asleep.

I'm starting to feel ill - not sure if it's psychosomatic or if I'm actually getting sick from the little germ balls, also known as children.

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Jessica said...

Yes, I think have half of Fremont is or has been vomiting and the other half with sore thoats and viral bronchitis (or worse).

There's this stuff called Zimax - I got it at Safeway but it's probably cheaper online - it's zinc, but instead of lozenges, it's a gel that you put in the lower part of your nose and it seems to be even better than lozenges at avoiding the headcold/sore throat viruses.

My son's been sick since last Sat. Chest hurt (bronchially, not muscularly) for three days but it's better now. 8 kids home sick from his high school Spanish class; the class secretary for 12th grade showed me a full page of names going home sick during the day to add to the page of kids who called in. (And this is a part of the district notorious for sending sick kids to school.)