Sunday, January 14, 2007

Butterflies, Warren, and Suzy

Totally just realized that science with Dr. Suzy didn't make it on the blog because I was slow in getting the pictures. I'll do that soon because it was AWESOME!

In other errors, for some reason, the butterflies posted down under a few other posts, so make sure you see the cool pictures. Warren and his super-zoom lens get credit for all the photos.

Speaking of Warren, he's been a great volunteer this year. Besides Science with Mr. Smith and the butterfly field trip, he has come a number of times to help with math. (Even though the first time he was there this year, he got accosted by an administrator in the hall and asked - not so nicely - who he was and what he was doing at the school. After he had signed in and gone through all the necessary paperwork. Right. And we wonder why we don't have volunteers).

Each time he comes, he takes about three kids at a time and goes through word problems or new math procedures with them; things that are too complex to be taught to the whole class at once. Many of the children need to learn things this way, with a much smaller group and more attention, but of course it just can't really happen in a class setting with only one adult.

Warren is a natural with the difficult kids. He patiently reassures them that it's OK to not know the material yet, because if they knew it, then they wouldn't be at school. He somehow keeps the kid who is just a ball of kinetic energy in his seat and relatively focused. And he patiently explains the math problems to them over and over until they understand (which in some cases, takes a long time). He told "Phil" that he was a good kid. Phil had never heard this before. Ever. I am pretty sure it's changed his life.

The kids love Mr. Smith. They want him to come every day, they want him to be their sub when I'm gone, and a number of them want him to be their daddy.

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