Thursday, January 04, 2007

Another Old Email

This was the email I sent to people who agreed to pray for my kids a few years back.

Hello pray-ers,

I wish I had kids' names for all of you already, but I still have no class list. School starts in 11 hours and we were supposed to get class lists in JUNE. That's almost as logical as my other big problem - I only have
dry-erase whiteboards in my room, no chalkboards, and the office will only give me chalk, no dry erase pens. You can imagine how useful that is. I'll spare you the rest of the supply horror stories.

Anyway, thanks for volunteering to pray. I will get names out as soon asI have them. For now, please pray for my sanity :) Just when I
think it couldn't be any more difficult, I get proved wrong. The school is just so set up to fail that it's amazing. It makes it difficult to keep a good attitude for the kids too. Please pray for the new teachers too - there are 8 of them, mostly young and pretty new and right now extremely discouraged.

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