Friday, April 21, 2006

Strike Aftermath and Fallout

The strike didn't happen (thank God!) but I have a few observations to make about the aftermath.

  • If the union can have the automated phone system call me and leave vaguely threatening messages about what will happen to me if I cross the picket line, they can damn well have the automated line call me and tell me the strike is off so I don't have to find out from the news in the middle of the night.
  • I don't care what a jerk the state-appointed superintendent is, nobody has any business following him to his office and spitting on the ground near his feet. That's absolutely unacceptable.
  • The district website is the most ghetto thing ever. Get on it. Try to find something - say the Gifted educated department. Or the salary scale. Or try clicking on one of their announcements on the main page. It's seriously pathetic.

We should find out the details of the contract in the next couple of days and vote on it withing two weeks. This is what the Tribune has to say about it - we'll see if it's true. I hope so. I could do with a retroactive pay raise!!

Past and present teachers from my school went out for a Happy Hour after school today. It's always interesting to hear people's stories. One man - who I don't know well - said that he used to work at juvenile hall. When asked if juvie or our school was tougher, he had to think about it and ended up saying he wasn't entirely sure.

A bunch of other teachers have left our school and gone to better schools or better districts. They were talking about it tonight, and I was sort of thinking that maybe I should do that. They say it's easy - they don't get as tired, they're not scared of violence in the area they work in... the parents don't threaten to kick their asses. But then, I think I might get bored. Besides, I'm going to write a book one day and make a zillion dollars. That's my current plan. Anyone know a publisher willing to pay me a zillion dollars?

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