Monday, April 03, 2006

The End of an Era

The Mother's Cookies factory in our city is closing.

The bakery and distribution center have been in this neighborhood (on 81st Ave, right by a crack house if I have my streets right) for 92 years. All sorts of Oakland officials are sad to see the iconic factory go because it's been a part of Oakland's history for so long. And because it cuts jobs.

We will notice because one of the few constants since I've been at this school is the smell of Mother's Cookies. About twice a week, the morning air smells just like what you'd imagine Circus Animal cookies baking smells like, only stronger. The kids walk around sniffing and saying how good it smells, while any adults who are not aware of the factory's close proximity are really confused as to why the air smells like cookies. Very very strongly.

It's a little sad - over the last seven years principals have come and gone, over 120 teachers have left, we've lost teachers' aides, the projects have been rebuilt, kids move away, cafeteria workers and janitors get reassigned, we've had three district superintendents, and two playground renovations... but you could always count on the air smelling like cookies at least twice a week. Although I never really liked the smell, I'm going to miss it.

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