Saturday, February 04, 2006


So, a few things have happened lately which have made me think about starting a blog (which I swore I'd never never do).

People ask me a lot about my job. They ask me what the neighborhood is like, what the district is like, if we're going to strike, what the kids struggle with, do I really think I should be paid more if I "only work 9-3, nine months a year" (don't get me started!), what I think about No Child Left Behind (again, don't get me started!), about the different cultures in the neighborhood, about what it's like to be a white teacher in a school with no white children...

Also, I have noticed a need to explain myself in this context, to explain what i see every day and help people to understand it, and just to process - and I'm an external processor. So I decided to try to write some of it down and hopefully it will serve a couple of those purposes.

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Anonymous said...

Hello there ,
Really interesting to read this and we really feel like we know you and the kids since you have been our global friends for three years now.
Looking forward to some pics for Valentine's day.
Interesting to read about your work.