Sunday, February 19, 2006

Praise the Lord, a Kid Got Helped!

I usually just refer to my class as a Special Day Class because I have so many emotionally disturbed children in it. (SDC is a class with a much lower student to teacher ratio for emotionally disturbed or learning disabled kids - more or less) . Of course, it's not really, because I don't have any of the support or benefits of Special Day classes. But one of my students just got placed in a counseling enriched SDC - SIX, count them, SIX kids in the class, and she gets pulled out for individual counseling every day.

Oh, and the social worker who decided this girl needed this program saw her on a GOOD day. I've had this child in my class all year with 18 others who need help. Thank God she got help - usually they don't and it took a lot of pushing from her parents, my principal, myself, and a lot of prayer from everyone I talked to. I think (and hope and pray!) she'll finally be able to succeed and feel good about herself. Keep this girl in your prayers, along with all the other kids who aren't getting any help.

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