Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Romance and Logic in the Third Grade

One of my beautiful little girls here had an excellent question for me last year. She asked:

"When boys like you, why do they hit you and tease you and call you names and steal your stuff? Why can't they just say they like you?"

Then this is the kicker:

"And when do they stop acting like that?"

I had to break it to her that some of them NEVER stop. And that as adults, women often wonder about adult men why they just can't use their words and say they like you! (yes, I know I'll hear from a bunch of men - I'm sure you're the exception and always use your words and are frustrated by women's lack of communication. I'm just telling it from my perspective)

The same girl asked me once about Columbus. The conversation went something like this, and I have to say, I was very proud of her for the critical thinking skills she displayed.

Student: Why do we call them Indians when India is a different country?

Me: [some crap I can't remember about how Columbus got lost and thought he was going to India, so he called them Indians because he was assuming he was in India]

Student: [stares at me incredulously] They got named the wrong thing because he got LOST? [thinks for a minute] And where does he get off naming them anyway? Who said the white guy could name them??


blue shoes said...
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jessamynit said...

hee hee!
I'm glad to read something lighter after that super intense one.
you are a really good writer, and I'm really enjoying reading this blog, sister...
I think I will come visit your class soon?
will they kill me?

it's very interesting to visit. I never feel what it's like to be the minority, really, except when I go to bron's school - then everyone is just like "what the--?!" and watching me to see what I'll do. it's good to wear the other shoe sometimes (and to know how lucky I am that I can drive away from that place).