Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Writing Games

I wrote about helping a friend's son with writing by using the two-minute writing game I made up.  You have the kid write any words at all - the only rules are that they have to be words and you have to keep writing for two minutes.  It has helped a number of my students who are perfectionists and just think way too long and hard about writing, never getting to the writing part.

I got a Christmas card from this friend and actually laughed out loud.  She wrote:

I honestly believe "Johnny" wouldn't be as successful in writing now without getting past the block with "Hey NASCAR toot fart butt pee poo yo he mom dad father"

I wanted to introduce another writing game.  I don't have a name for this one, but I'm taking suggestions.  i have the student pick a number between 2-10.  Then we write a story together.  If the student picks "5" for example, she writes five words and then I write five words.  The story usually ends up being pretty silly, which elementary school kids LOVE - the sillier the better.

This is definitely something parents can do with kids or kids can do with each other.  It will be fun.  I promise.

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