Thursday, June 30, 2011

Writing Games

In my years of teaching, I've worked with a lot of kids and adults on writing.  Many of these students have been extremely resistant to the writing process.  It's extremely common for people to have anxiety around writing, so it's important for teachers to not only teach the process, but to address this anxiety as well.

Sometimes this involves tricking the student.  If, for example, the a perfectionist and overthinks everything, I often have them do speed writing.  They have to write for two minutes.  It doesn't have to make sense but all the words have to be actual words. 

An old friend recently asked for help for her 9-year old who needs tutoring over the summer.  I wish I was near the kid because, as I immodestly pointed out to her, I'm very very good at this.  I did the best I could over the Internet and I think we've made a start.  Inter-state tutoring is kind of fun!

The first timed writing exercise ended up being:

"Man I word bomb numb ice roar exit hey whoa oh model England prinsess no toot" 

The second:

"Hey NASCAR toot fart butt pee poo yo he mom dad Father"

I LOVE 9-year old boys.  When you say they can write about farts and poop, they lose all their hesitation.

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