Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The End of Third Grade

I found some more old student papers.  These students are now in 8th grade, I think, which is strange for me to think about!

This one had a tendency to pout whenever he didn't want to do something:
I have 36 days in third grade.  I am not happy because when I leave my teacher's class I will have to do harder work and we would have to wait longer to go eat for lunch.  I will be good and listen to the teacher and I wont make a pout when I don't want to do that much work.I am sad because I am going to miss my teacher and the gecko.  I am sad because I am going to miss all the people who came to this class.  I am sad because we won't be able to be on the computer that much and I am sad because after summer I will be going to a fourth grade class.

I really like this one:
I have 36 more days in third grade.  I am scared to go to fourth grade because it sounds scary and hard and teachers mite be mean.  I do not want to get sunburned in the summer because if I do, I will cry and scream.  Maybe fourth grade might not be bad at all.

This kid may have not been fully in tune with reality because his mom was in jail and his dad was usually too busy for him:

I have 36 more days in third grade and I am very excited because I will go bowling and simming.  And I will trying out for the rebles basketball time, baseball team, and the swimming team too.  My mom will be taking me to my baseball practice, and my dad will be taking me to my basketball practice.  My dad will coach my basketball team and we will have to work hard and do the b est we can do.  And it will be so much fun when we go to six flages, waterworld, and grate america.

This one was a little confused:
I have 36 days in Third grade.  I am moving And I am going to move somewhere far and I am going to miss my classmates and I know yall is going to miss me.  I think I am not moving.

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