Friday, August 06, 2010


I had some of the most overqualified volunteers ever in my third grade class.  This may have had something to do with the fact that I shamelessly begged my friends to help in any way possible.  I think there were a few friends who I asked to come as soon as I met them, before I was entirely sure of their names.  Some of my volunteers included:

-Someone with an MFA helping kids read
-a PhD candidate in chemical engineering from Stanford helping with math
-a PhD candidate in civil engineering from Cal helping with math
-several PhD candidates in engineering from Cal teaching about construction (several years in a row) and helping with a field trip
-my extremely talented brother bringing his drums several times
-a friend from Pixar who got us tours three different years, once when they were no longer giving tours - and came to the class to sign the kids' toys from Cars.
-a physical therapist (who I think has a masters') who helped the kids with reading
-many athletes from Cal who did PE with the kids and helped them in a variety of subjects
-A special ed teacher who organized my whole classroom for me
-Mrs. Dwyer (who gets her own post)

There's definitely more who I can't remember (email if I forgot you!)

There are some good people out there.

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