Thursday, August 26, 2010

Four Hours with a Second Grader

I spent the afternoon with my Little Sister today and I am exhausted.  She seemed perfectly chipper as I dropped her off, but I came home and fell asleep at 4 pm.  This was our schedule:

Pack a picnic
Go to A&W to buy root beer floats
Drive to Tilden Park (about 30 minutes from her house)
Picnic on the grass with the dog (I forgot the picnic blanket so we sat on a yoga mat)
Tie up the dog
Ride the old-fashioned merry go round twice.  Once on a giraffe because it's a giraffe but it didn't go up and down so she had to go on a horse (with a rose because it was the prettiest) after that which did go up and down.  And I had to go because "it's not fun by myself!"
Go to the Little Farm and feed the farm animals celery
Go to the park and look for blackberries to pick (there weren't any)
Drown the disappointment about the blackberries by finding a very tall concrete slide with lots of pieces of cardboard to use for sliding down it
Do that over and over and over
Drive past UC Berkeley to see what a college looks like
Go home

Wow.  I'm tired.

But remember getting on carousels with belts like this so you didn't fall off?  And having your feet not reach the stirrups?

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