Sunday, March 07, 2010

Journal Entries: The Pledge of Allegiance

My new students answer a journal prompt every day at the beginning of class.  And they are hilarious.  Here are some examples:

Do you think it is important to say the Pledge of Allegiance every day?

  • We say the pledge because well I don't know maybe its also a prayer or something but I really dont care about the pledge why do we even say it every morning of school!  It's OK but its cool to learn because I can say it heckafast.
  • No I think we should do it on holidays or veterinarians day, M,L,K birthday and other stuff like that.  I dont think we should do it evory day is just waisting time when it shoud be on important days.  thats why I say no
  • I think that some people should not go so fast and listen to each other.  I also think its importnat that we do the Pledge because we are onering the country and its important to do that.  Like when we say the Cadet Code in Cadet Core [Cadet Corps, some kind of drum line] we cant move or talk or sneeze or cof or any think that invalves noise or movement.  If you messup the Code you have to do ten push-ups.
  • Yes I do think we should do the pledge every day.  It's to show are respect to our four father's.  And to show we are about were we live and the country we stay at.  This is the best country ever.  If an alien took my sister.  I would call the police.  the army.  and I'll get a shot gun and shoot the alien in the head so he will come down so the police can get him.

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