Tuesday, March 16, 2010

If Geckos Went to School...

First, I'm really truly getting to the NCLB/merit pay post soon.  I wish I had a way to make money off the blog so that I could actually focus on writing it instead of trying to make money.  Sigh.  Here's some interesting thoughts though from a facebook friend.

In the meantime, here are some more journal entries:

  • If geckos went to school there school would be scaley.  I n the cafeteria they would serve nasty bugs.  Instead of sitting on desk, they would each have there own cage.

  • If there was gecko school it would be tiny desks and like a school that was the size of a desk probley and there would be alot of geckos and a principle gecko and a teacher geckos and there lockers would be like little rocks adn they would go to school. at night.

  • If geckos went to school their class would be how to make new skin, and how to grow a new tail, and how to eat bugs.  Most of the time I do all of my homework at school.

  • If I were Tiger I wouldn't want to be in a cage.  It's kind of hard to choose the wild has animies [enemies] and if your in a cage alday your cooped up but safe in the wold your free but unsafe.  I don't know witch one to choose wild or cage.  I would rather be a kid not a Gecko. [we're going to call this kid "Ricky" - watch for his writing; he's got some serious imagination.

  • If geckos went to school it would be in the woods or jungles.  It would be as high as 4 feet and wide as 5.  It would be made out of wood.  Then the floor will be covered in sand.  It would be made or design as a human school.  there would be a playground made of sand and the fences will be made out of toothpicks and strings.  The rocks will be chairs and seats.  They wil. teach about how to survive humans.

In response to "What will it be like to have a class pet?"

  • I think it will make bad kids good because if you take care of something it kind of changes you.  When you have a pet you have to nurture it so I think tiger will be a great class pet.  If I could have any pet I wanted I would have a horse.  I love horses because I think their graceful and playful.

  • I think that it is nice to have a lizard as a class pet and I like having a class pet, I would want to feed him and give him water, I would have a komodo dragon that is trained and dosent bite and that is very friendly or I would have a killer whale as a pet and swim with him and I would teach him tricks and other stuff and I would also have a bull as a pet a little on with horns and I would want to ride it and train it.  Also a baby horse to ride and train.

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