Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Poison Oak

That's the nickname of the younger kid I've been working with, "Luis." He's been going to the science day camp program at Chabot Space and Science center, and it is incredible. He wasn't sure he wanted to go last week, and his brother totally flaked out. Poison Oak, however (it's fun to type that) made it, although a day late. He had a stomachache on Monday, which I suspect was an excuse to not try something new/nervousness. On Tuesday, he was really nervous but he went. When I picked him up, he talked the whole way home about how much he loved it and how he couldn't even imagine being mad because he was so happy.

On Thursday, Luis told me he wanted to go again next week. I told him that we didn't have the money (my friend and I paid for half of the camp and Chabot gave him a scholarship for the other half) but that he could go next year. However, the next day, the director offered to transfer the amount paid for his brother so that Luis could go for another week. He loves it. He loves the science. He loves building robots and learning about dinosaurs. He loves being called "Poison Oak." He loves his teacher. This is a kid who does not love easily. If it were not an incredible program, he would let us know in no uncertain terms.

How often do you get to see a kid from the ghetto enjoying science camp with kids who go to a variety of private schools? It's pretty awesome.

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Jessamyn Harris said...

I love this! I'm so happy for "poison oak"! :)
on another note, I bought devon calamine lotion (cause he gets mosquito bites every time he goes outside) recently and then had to sing him the whole "calamine, calamine, calamine lo-tion" song. maybe you should teach your poison oak friend that...