Thursday, July 23, 2009


Decisions children should be able to make:
  • Which outfit to wear on a particular day (if parents have bought the clothes)
  • What to eat for snack (if parents have chosen the options)
  • Which TV show to watch (with parental approval)
  • Which sport to play
  • Which flavor of toothpaste to use

Decisions children should NOT be able to make:
  • Which guardian to live with
  • Where it is safe for them to live
  • Which school they are going to go to
  • Whether they should go to school or not
  • If they get a cell phone or not
  • If their mom gets a cell phone or not
  • If they should be punished or have any consequences for being rude
  • What their parents should buy for them
  • If they should go to counseling or not

Guess which set is the set of decisions that I've seen kids make over and over and over. And over.

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