Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I'm very tired so this won't be too detailed but a lot of people are helping and I want to keep them updated.

The apartment in Alameda fell through. They need (as most landlords do) a credit check and "Rosa" is not in the country legally (although all of her children are citizens). We're having trouble finding a landlord who will rent to someone without a credit score, even if she has the money.

However, Catholic Charities is totally stepping up. They sent a social worker to get Rosa through the Welfare office crazy red tape in record time, and she should start receiving food stamps and other aid for the kids (not for her, because she's not legal) on Thursday. Once she has this help, the social worker thinks it will be easier to find a landlord, because she'll have some sort of documented income.

In addition, people from all over - from my church, my family, my friends, old co-workers, friends of friends, friends' parents, Warren (the kids "Big Brother")'s friends... all sorts of people - have been incredibly generous. Although the DA's office is paying for the hotel room right now, the family has no money for food until the food stamps come through. In addition, the kids need clothes since they can't go back to get their own clothes. We've been using the money for food and clothes, and saving the rest for the deposit when they find a house. I'm keeping very careful track of all the money and expenses to ensure that every penny goes to the family's needs.

I want to thank everyone who has donated, prayed, or helped in any way. Without these donations, I think they'd be back in the dangerous neighborhood because they have no money for food and no way to get money other than going back to where their relatives live. If you have helped, you are both literally helping to save these boys' lives, as well as investing in some really amazing kids. The mother (who has had her own issues in the past - some pretty serious ones) is really holding it together but it's hard for them all to be cooped up in a hotel room.

More later, and thanks again.

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