Saturday, June 06, 2009

An Apartment!

The family has found an apartment! This may be only for a couple of months - it's a little more than they can afford and the DA's office only pays for the first month and the deposit. But they really like it, so I'm hoping they can work out how to pay for it. It's a two bedroom, and before this, they were in a studio, so that is awesome. The landlord is being very helpful and it seems to be a great situation. Thank you all for your prayers, financial help, good wishes... everything.

Soon the family will have to move on to the grieving process. Right now we're just seeing it in crazy emotional outbursts over seemingly little things. The little one is prone to temper tantrums anyway, but he's way worse, and I don't blame him. At the same time, he can't do things like hang up on his teacher and yell at his mom. Both boys say they're dead set against counseling but I'm hoping they get used to the idea.

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