Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Craziness

First, here is a picture of Solomon's teeth so that you can all see how scary he could look if he wanted. Of course, that scariness might be negated by the fact that I can put my hands in his mouth and move his lips around and he isn't really bothered at all.


The neighbor's ex-boyfriend came back and the neighbor was hollering and really upset because he broke into her house again so I called the police and the landlord. The police - who told us on Sunday that he would be arrested if he stepped onto the property - came and said that since the boyfriend had also called the police, they were sure he was just fine and look! He wasn't even on the property.

Yeah, that's because he stepped OFF the property as soon as the cops came and was standing 6 inches off the sidewalk by our house. Before that, he had been on the front lawn screaming at my neighbor who didn't have the sense to just go back inside her house and quit arguing. She tried to talk to the police officers and they just kept telling her to go back inside.

I thought that maybe they were not wanting to talk to her because she was hysterical (or black, although I hate to be cynical) so I went and told the officers that I saw the whole thing and that he kicked the door in yesterday, and they told me that they'd "get to me." They spent about 30 minutes talking to the dude, who was calmly explaining to them a whole lot of lies about how he's always lived there, and he wasn't even on the property today, and he never broke in anywhere...

After this long, I was frustrated so I went and very politely talked to the other officer, telling him that the guy was on our property and that the landlord has a restraining order against him. He said he didn't need to talk to me because he could talk to to the officers who were here yesterday. He turned around and gave his business card to the restraining order dude, telling him to call if he needed anything!

So, I called the landlord who was nearby... and pissed. He came and talked to the officer who asked him if he was another tenant. The landlord said no, he was the owner. Well, then they talked to him but they still wouldn't arrest the guy who literally left laughing at having made a fool of my neighbor.

This is behavior I would expect of Oakland cops, to tell you the truth, not my nice little island city. They wouldn't talk to either woman. Or to my roommate (another woman) the day before. They were happy to listen to Mr. Crazy Breaks Down Doors But Can Sound Sane, and happy to listen to my landlord.

Oh, one interesting comment from one of the cops: "He said he lives here."

Landlord: "No, he's never lived here."

Cop: "No, he does live here, because that's what he's told his parole officer this whole time."

Landlord: [disbelieving look] No, he's never lived here.

Since when have the cops been on the same side as parolees with restraining orders against them?

So, we're just glad to have the attack pup right now, and are probably going to go get our own restraining order later in the week.

Here's the dog not looking so ferocious.


Jessamyn Harris said...

oh, that's right, silly, they didn't listen to your neighbor not because she was hysterical or black, but because she's a woman. NICE.

Pear said...

Why does such a fierce, fierce animal have a quilty and a blankie?