Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Testing Stories

In honor of testing season (already!!), here is my favorite testing story. Both of these stories are from a friend who will remain nameless but may be related to the person I'd like to be president.

During my friend's first year of teaching, one of her second graders was so freaked out by the CST [standardized test] that while she had her back turned, he stood up and peed on the test. He, of course, told her there had been a leak in the ceiling, but the other kids ratted him out.
And anyone who's ever even seen these tests sympathizes with the poor child. I'm not sure what the teacher did with the test though.

Another story from the same person:

The other story was about a student and the ice cream in his desk. A girl told her teacher earlier in the morning that this boy had ice cream in his desk. The teacher went over to check and found 4 melted otter pops. She threw them away and the class continued about their day. During workshop right before lunch, she looked over and saw brown goo dripping out of Paul's desk. She asked the student what he had in his desk. He said "nothin'." She asked him again and of of course his reply was the same. She told him to scoot over and found a half gallon tub of Neapolitan ice cream jammed into his desk, along with two spoons. Needless to say it took about 45 minutes and three students to clean up the mess.

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