Friday, March 21, 2008

Um, Who's Teaching Our Teachers?

A friend who works in my district recently had an interesting situation at a workshop/seminar type thing (maybe part of a lecture series?) The talk was entitled, "What Do Struggling Readers Need from All of Us." Apparently the woman delivering the talk worked a number of interesting comments into the talk including:
  • Kids running around like "Indians and banshees."
  • Women (in general, all women) not wanting to make left hand turns, but preferring to make four right hand turns. Think about that one. Draw a diagram if you need to.
  • Make sure you don't work your kids like a slave driver.
  • Some sort of homage to September 11 and good old Uncle Sam.
I kind of wish I had been there! That's quality professional development time.

1 comment:

meloukhia said...

Well, at least the kids aren't...running around like hooligans? There's nothing worse than a classroom full of hooligans, I tell ya.